Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Full of color

I started to enjoy tumblr just 4-5days ago, when I felt that lonileness crippling on me. I have to deactivate FB because of annoying people. Then I found out that I HAVE a SKILL!!!! HAHA. I learned how to make .GIF then I started to post some .GIF in my tumblr. I started to connect with people. I choose wisely who I follow because there are lots in tumblr that are nasty and censored. But I am really enjoying my limitation and the fact that my blog is colorful :) haha. Would really appreciate it if you check it out!

Why Its just my username. Why 19? I was born in May 19, 1990. Makes sense right? But the title page is PRAYER WORKS! Why? Because it really works! 20yrs prayer is an essential part of my life and its really working... :) combine it with FAITH! It really does work! NO JOKE!

Even if your faith is as small as the mustard seed you can make a change! Mustard seed if its planted, it is one of the biggest tree of all...

Anyway, THANK YOU! Hope you like it!

Visit my and you'll never regret it! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Authentic Beauty

One of my favorite book! that changed my perspective about relationship! :) 
Only when we fall in love with Jesus Christ and build our lives completely around Him can we experience human love and romance in its PUREST and most BEAUTIFUL form. –Authentic Beauty, Lesli Ludy
“Being set apart for your future husband means loving him and honouring him, even BEFORE you meet him, by the way you live your life on a day-to-day basis.” Leslie Ludy
One of my favorite book! that changed my perspective about relationship! :) 
Only when we fall in love with Jesus Christ and build our lives completely around Him can we experience human love and romance in its PUREST and most BEAUTIFUL form. –Authentic Beauty, Lesli Ludy
“Being set apart for your future husband means loving him and honouring him, even BEFORE you meet him, by the way you live your life on a day-to-day basis.” Leslie Ludy

Living my Life for God

I’d rather live my life on my knees everyday knowing how much God has forgiven me than in my feet living this life with my own way of what I think fulfills His good purpose. I’d rather have God work in my life than me working my life. -Christian Lopez
I’d rather live my life on my knees everyday knowing how much God has forgiven me than in my feet living this life with my own way of what I think fulfills His good purpose. I’d rather have God work in my life than me working my life. -Christian Lopez

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not on anybody or anything

Most of the people nowadays are alive when they talk about LOVE! Yes, LOVE! Even me, personally and honestly, I wiggle whenever I hear a LOVE story...But just a thought and should be an application in our daily living. :)

You don't need a guy just to get closer to God. You need YOURSELF to realize that with or without SOMEBODY, YOUR HEART and YOUR WHOLE BEING should be FOR God alone. And not on somebody or anybody. You need to see yourself in your life that kind of relationship you've been longing, that ETERNAL Relationship that no one can equal to. He's been knocking on your door, yet you are not willing to open. How can you have that relationship if you don't want to welcome the Loving Father of all time?!

We are unique in all our ways whether we like it or not. May kanya kanya tayong kagandahan at kasamaan! Emphasize on KASAMAAN(bad side) since we are still HUMAN yet we should not allow it to dominant our lives. Since we have said the words " Jesus is my Lord and Savior" let's not take it so lightly. Don't take it like a whisper in the wind that fades. Be a steward of His creation. Be a good example Titus 2:7. Life is too short, in fact,  where were you for the last couple of years? where were you 20years ago? Where were you if you didn't allow Him to enter your life!?! You wouldn't be there if He is not present in your life.

All the insecurities, doubts, jealousy, pride, hatred, arrogance, immorality, and all the WHAT IF's are all tactics of the opponent. Because he already knows that he is defeated, he gets insecure and tries to destroy the image and reputation of our minds. It all starts on one look then there's second then there's a verbal "Ang cute niya... sana..." blah blah blah... :D We allow the defeated to cripple those kinds of thoughts in our minds and becomes a stronghold. Yet in Romans8:31-34 it is said we are more than conquerors and who can be against us?! HOLD on to it! Have firm foundation! do not allow this things to mingle in our minds. SAY NO immediately!Titus 2:12

Remember that we should get all the security and affirmation from the Best Lover of all time :) JESUS!
We should not be afraid of our past, present and future because you believe in yourself that YOUR life is in GOOD HANDS of the Almighty God. Jer.29:11 and Heb.13:5

He should be the water of the thirsty souls like us.
He should be the sun of the dried plants like us.
He should be the oxygen, whenever you are having difficulty of breathing, you will always remember you need Him to ease the pain.
He should be the wheels of your car, a reminder that He is in control of your life.
He should be the electricty, a reminder that God brings life in our boring life.
He should be the BULLS EYE (main goal) in your life, a reminder that HE should be the aim for the rest of your life.
He should be the note or chord of your song, a reminder even out of tune He will always be in tune for us.
He should be the bandage of our wounds, a reminder that He covers up all our problems.

He should be our EVERYTHING, because He gave His everything to us for our salvation :) 

Our 24/7 should be His' and not ours.. Our time, our availability really matters to God. If we can manage to invest our time on anything or with somebody, we should also invest most of the time to the Most High.
Neither on anybody nor anything but with God alone will I get my affirmation, security and assurance of a perfect relationship! :)

I can say that I am secured and not in rush. :)

Seek Him first Matt. 6:33 
He is my Vine and I am His branch

:D senxa na sa wrong grammars :) hihi

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bente Taon

"don't let yesterday's failure ruin the beauty of today."


What is the truth? I am getting old!!! What is the reality? I am about to become 21! For the past 20 years of my life I've met different people. I've met different personalities. ADJUSTMENT is the right word.. Part of growing up is to meet people to expose the REAL you. To show what's behind those smiles and laughters. Part of maturity is to take responsibility of all the task given to you. Life has its unexpected dangerous adventure and you really have to be cautious every time. I have said once or twice or many times "I don't want this anymore, I'm giving up....". But what made me refuse that confusion is that someOne didn't waste His life for me and in return I don't want to give up just because of circumstances.

All those challenges didn't hinder me to press on, to move on, to walk, to fight *AJA* to smile, to laugh, to keep on breathing and to see how beautiful life is. Its all because of all the people who supported, encouraged and shaped me to become a mature-godly person. For the past 20 years of my life, let me thank you for making me whole each time I'm broken, for wiping all my tears and for making me smile whenever I am so so down. I'd also like to thank you for correcting me when I am wrong, well, for boldly saying I am WRONG.

I am grateful that at least for a lifetime, I have someone to treasure and cherish. I am also thankful for being there for me every time I am so occupied. Thank you. KAMSAHAMNIDA Chingu! :) Let me take this opportunity to thank each one of you, since marami kayo let me mention you by group nalang! (FIRST TIME ko gumawa nito)

Thanks to my elementary classmates, kahit sa 5 years na nawala ako, you were still able to contact me and invite me to the reunion. And I am so glad that some of you are still firm and faithful serving the Lord. I am still standing with you in prayer that one of this day we will meet in the same place... Micah, Sarah, Tin, Camille - -  - Thank you for the precious moments! :)

I'd like to thank my highschool friends in Jeddah, KSA (IPSJ, PSIS) You have really trained me a lot. From being a shy person to confident individual. Thank you for keeping in touch despite of conflict schedule. Indeed He makes His own way. Personally, Ishi, Honey, Jing, Ice, Lisle, AHMAD, Edison, Jed, Amer, Salman, JC, Jerome, JP LUCES, hamdie, Piscalin- I am so thankful that I met someone like you guys :) I hope that in time, we'll have our own reunion ... KUMPLETO na sana! :) hehe.. Also thanks to Sandy! hehe. Dearest beshy, I know we lost contact but thanks to FB we're back on track again! :) tuloy na sana ang DATE natin! mwahugs! :)

Also I'd like to acknowledge all my teachers/professors/clinical instructor for imparting your knowledge and encouraging me to do my best! You have shared a lifetime lesson...

How could I forget my COF in Trinity University of Asia who are about to take NLE this coming JULY 2011 and claiming 100% pass... Moyan, CHARM, Ate Seids, TEN2, POLLY, Kuya Gelo, KAKA, JP t., ZARA, Tiff, Lziel, RJ, RALPHIE, Nhory, Shelie, VONN, Tands, Bantog, Dianne at yung iba pa.. Salamat, kahit nagkahiwalay na tayo! :) haha. Thank you for being my friends for the first 2 years of my college life. I won't forget all the laughter and lunch dates we had during break time.

And of course my PERPS COF, from all my bad impression in my current university you changed that impression by your camaraderie, by easy conversation, you made me feel welcome... Jem, Diane, and Jacq! Oh girls! How I missed you so much! we should go out and have date sometimes... And of course, ATE WENG, kathy, Jen, Bob, Jo, Ate Eds, Yas and Dan Romano. Thank you for making my Christmas so special with serious talks and intense bonding moments! I really appreciate the time we had. Also the group 14 - - - HAHA! ang dami kong pinagdaanan kasama kayo! Well, stick to one ako sa grupo! :)) Well despite of all the black and white personalities, thank God! I am a survivor! But truly I am blessed and thankful to be part of this group! At sympre I'd like to special mention --> CHRISTIAN TIONGCO who's standing with me all the time, you've known my bad and good sides, and I feel so ashame about it! But thank you kasi you accepted me for being ME! HAHA. And thank you for all the sarcasm and the serious-jokes facial expressions! Thank you for encouraging me to shut my mouth when necessary and to take control of my temper! :)))))) LOL. and also to my section! Thank you for the privilege that I was once your president! :)

Thank you JC Tayag for sharing your time and the stories... I really appreciate it! :) God bless you more! :) Soon to be Doc Tayag! Come on!
Thanks to John Samuel Santos, as one of my brother in Christ! Indeed you are light and salt in this world! Thank you for sharing your busy life ... Thank you for the inspiring quotes!
TO Christina Sanger and Lauren Black its my pleasure to know you even in TWITTER. Its truly a blessing every morning to see how cheerful you are girls. More favor in your life! Continue to trust God!

Of course my Victory family!!! *tears* Grabe! Really you are answered prayer! He really did answer my prayer! From Victory New Manila (VCF Greenhills) I'd like to thank all the people who trained me spiritually and who is nonstop praying for me: Ate JOY Cabrera, Rachelle Doculan, Ate Ethel, Kuya Christian D., , Randolph M, Jirah, Kuya Tim, Kuya Marvin,Kuya Bong, Ate Ella, Ate Joy B. and Joy Martinez (God used you to bring me there!) and my first PASTORS in VCF---Pastor Gio & Pastor Dennis Sy. Special mention to Ate Joy C for being my leader and for giving me inspiration everyday (kahit maglayo tayo, the spirit brings us closer parin through your inspiration messages)! and Rachel for being my partner in Christ! Its a wonderful experience to have sisters like you! :)

And to my VCF Alabang!!!! Whoa! Grabe talaga! From being an attendee to a Kids teacher to VG leader! From the bottom of my heart! I really thank you! Espescially the Kids cc TEAM 4! Love you all! Ate dhang thank you for believing in me, thank you for the spirit that says "I can do this" and Ate Lui how could I forget the inspiring testimonies you shared in our small group even for a short time I will never forget that, and Ate Grace S., for being my leader! Thank you for standing with me in prayers and cheering me up through His word! Thank you for being my mentor . . Indeed, you are all a blessing... To Miss Joan Ocreto, hehe! Dear! Thanks for being one of the best friend. . . . thank you for not giving up on me! And To Reg, thanks! He did not allow us not to get to know each other, your birthday was the first step! hehe. Also thanks sa AUTHENTIC BEAUTY! It really helped me a lot! To Shiela, Alexie, Ate Joanne R, Doc Becca, Mich, Ate Jhoms and to all the girls (VG- Lenie, Steph, Val, Angel,CHERRY, Jonah, Jen, Angel D, Tin B, Seth, Abcedee, Ghiera, Kryzel) - - - thanks for being one of my inspiration! :) keep glowing and blooming for His glory! 

To my RELATIVES: Daddy's side and mommy's side. Thank you for the availability and for the care you showed during the hard times and of course nung nagka DENGUE ako! Thank you po talaga! Also thank you for all the moments during New Years and Christmas! May God be with us always. Peace, LOVE and patience transcend in each of us... Kuya erwin and Kuya luis thank you! sa mga pagpapatawa at sa panglilibre! Alam ko HE WILL BLESS you more than you can imagine! :) Love lots.. AT kay Lola, na naramdaman kong kung gaano maasikaso ang isang Lola! :) love you Lola!

Let me also take this time to thank my precious and adorable family: Mom and Dad- - - thank you! kasi kung wala kayo wala din ako! hehe. Seriously, thank you for the nonstop encouragements, reminders and support! from all my failures and mistakes you were there, a witness, and every time I stumble, your hands are the second I wanted to reach and hold! HEHE. Si God ang FIRST! :) And you know how much I love you . . . Thank you for all the harships and the sacrifices! Its really hard to be separated to your children, but I believe in God's time we will be together SOON! You are always in my prayers!

Also to my lovely siblings: naku!!!! Kahit makukulit kayo, mahal na mahal ko kayo! AMPNESS ah! :) Pen Bes and Ben thanks for cheering me up when I am so occupied.. thank you for understanding and sharing your secrets! hehehe... remember that no matter how harsh I am, I will still be your ate! HAHA. No choice kayo! hehe. no, I am blessed that you are my siblings! God galing mo talaga pumili! hehe..

Am I missing someone?! :)

Siyempre di ko toh makakalimutan! Ang laki ng part Niya sa buhay ko!

Yung pinaka- BESTFRIEND, pinakaPRINSEPE at pinakaDADDY ko! :) hehe.. My God! 20 years of my life, I keep on fooling myself with the world's permissibility, yet You've been my eyes to see that I'm about to go on the wrong track and suddenly You pulled my hand to go back! :) Thank You for I know all those years has been Your plan. I wouldn't make it without You, I wouldn't be able to handle all my circumstances without Your embrace and love. Truly, words are not enough how grateful I am to have You in my life. But what made me amaze Lord? Your faithfulness and unbreakable promises! And right now, all the glory and honor belongs to You! I know Lord that You will still amaze me each day, You will still open my eyes to see your greatness ! This year I know favor upon favor still awaits... You will be lifted up and not me! I LOVE YOU Lord! Thank You for these people who touched my life and became part of my life!

Now I must say, It's a successful amazing wonderful 20 years lord! I am expecting more for another 20 years Lord! Thank You again from the bottom of my heart! :)


Study Questions For Group 2,10,18
To be submitted before Final Exam exam
1. What is anti convulsants? Give example of this drugs
2. What is Phenytoin, what is the therpeutic serum range of Phenytoin? Is it considered to have a narrow or wide range? Why should it be closely monitored
3. What is gingival hyperplasia? Name the drug that may cause this. Give the nursing interventions that decrease this problem
4. What type of seizures are benzodiazepines effective in treating? What is another classification of benzodiazepines
Jessa Mae., 27 years old, takes phenytoin (Dilantin) 100 mg tid., to control grand mal seizures., Jessa Mae and her husband are comptemplating starting a family.
1. What action should the nurse take in regard to client family planning?
Jessa Mae complaints of frequent upset stomach and bleeding gum when brushing
2. To decrease GI distress, what can be suggested?
3. To alleviate bleeding gums, what client teach for Jessa Mae may be included
4. Nurse Errol checks Jessa Mae serum phenytoin level. What are the indications of an abnormal serum level? What appropriate actions should be taken

Study Questions For Group 4,12,20
To be submitted before Final Exam exam
1. Client Marlon is taking Phenothiazine promazine. What side effects associated with Phenothiazines are simmilar to the side effect of anticholinergic and pseudoparkinsonism? Why should the blood pressure be closely monitored? What do you tell the client about the color of the urine?
2. What group of drugs has antiemetic properties? What is the route of administration for client who is vomiting
3. Haloperidol (Haldol) is a drug frequently used in Pychiatry. how is it different from other antipsychotics?
4. What is the major group of anxiolytics called? A client receiving a drug from this category should be observed for what side effects? Client teaching is important regarding the use of alcohol or OTC drugs and discontinuing the anxiolytics. Why?
Ace N. 75 years old, is receiving risperidone, 3mg b.i.d. to control a psychotic disorder. He has taken the drug for 6 months. He become agitated and is complaining of insomnia.
1. What is the relation between Ace N. drug dose and his complaints?
2. What further assessment should be made concerning Ace and drug regimen?
3. How does the risperidone compare with other antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine and haloperidol regarding actions and adverse effect?

Study Questions For Group 6,14,22
To be submitted before Final Exam exam
1. Errol, a 5 year old boy is diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) What is ADHD? What drugs effectively control this disorder
2. What is the pharmacologic name for appetite suppresants? Why are amphetamines not recommended for the treatment of obesity
3. Client Aira has hypertension. Why are amphetamines not recommended for hypertensive clients? What are the side effects of amphetamines?
4. What drug groups are used for preventive treatment of migraine headaches and for aborting or treating migrain attacks? Differentiate between the ergot alkaloids and the triptans?
Michelle 45 years old, wants to lose 30lbs. She wants to take an OTC diet pill but does not want to exercise or be on diet.
1. Would you suggest a diet pill? Why or why not?
2. What does the nurse need to assess concerning this clients physical status before suggesting a diet pill or weight loss program?
3. What behaviour modification may you suggest related to losing weight?

Study Questions For Group 8,16,24
To be submitted before Final Exam exam
1.What are the advantages of using benzodiazepine hypnotics instead of barbiturates for sleep disorders
2. What should renal function be assesses by the nurse? What minimal daily urine output is considered adequate?What is a hangover resulting from a hypnotic
3. What is a hangover resulting from a hypnotic? What is the nursing intervention?
4. What is the meaning of withdrawal symptoms from hypnotic use? How can they be prevented? Wat are the symptoms and the nursing interventions for each?
Adonis, a 72 year old man, has difficulty staying asleep. He ask Nurse Faye whether he shpuld take Nytol or Sominex before bedtime.
1. Before Adonis takes any sleep aid or hypnotic, what nursing assessments should be made?
2. Describe the nursing plan that should be presented to Adonis that might help his sleep disturbance?
3. Would Adonis be a candidate for taking a barbiturate or a benzodiazepine? Explain?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My girlfriend is a gumiho

My Girlfriend is a GUMIHO

"First impression never lasts" This quote defines Lee Seung Gi and Shi Min ah in their new korean COMEDY-DRAMA novel. LSG acting as Cha Dae Wong and Shi min Ah as Miho made my week full of laughter and romance *LAUGH*.

They brought chemistry in my house and full of humour. Cha Dae Wong as not first seen as a handsome guy in the end he won the heart of the aspiring nine tailed fox to be human in order to fit in the world she's been dreaming of and to complement her life. Miho brought stars in my eyes as she smile. She has this epidemic smile that can influence everyone to smile even no reason at all.

Cha Dae Wong brought hope as he continue to pursue his dream to be the famous actor. His perseverance gave the viewers to wear the thought of "never give up, never say never, pursue your dreams". Even with some obstacles like Mi Ho he was able to manage it when he realized he fell in love with a nine tailed fox. Mi Ho saving Woong's life by giving the bead opened doors for their unexpected romance. As Woong has been loyal to his crush Nuna, he realized that Mi ho can help him become the man his grandfather wanted to be. It is his first time to be independent since Mi Ho came into his life and it turned out to be successful.

Nevertheless, a novel is incomplete if there are no villains. Before they reach their romantic adventure there are hindrances and trials. Nuna and Jae Dong are both unstoppable on the first 10 episode on their love scenes. But like the other stories, villains never succeed. Fate has called Woong and Mi Ho to save their love. Mi ho as persevering character, her promise and fidelity didn't turn out to be worthless and unsuccessful because giving almost half life of Woong opened doors to aim the goal of being a human.

Although since she is a fox by birth Woong loved her for who she is and tried to cope up with their casualties. What really made me admire the story is that Woong didn't know that he is already falling in love with a fox and the perseverance of both characters. There are lessons in the novel, don't stop believing that someday you will have what you want in your life just stay faithful and firm in every decision that you have to make.

As one of the huge fans of Shi Min ah and Lee Seung gi, I dedicate this blog to both of them because I believe the director chose the best artist. They compliment each other and they suit the story. I still have hangover with the story and I just can't stop my mind thinking that this story made my life see how should I not stop on pursuing my dreams.

And by the way, Lee Seung Gi is one of the best singers and comedian in Korea. Try to listen to his voice: Losing my mind, From Now on, I Love you - - - are his songs and I just love listening to them. They also inspire me to continue my lesson in Online Hangul. I hope that someday I will meet them and tell them how much I admire them both in hangul *SMILE*. Shi Min Ah one of the best models in Korea, she makes me smile whenever she smile! :)

They are so cute and adorable. + LSG's knowledge and talented